Available Positions

Full-Time Arleta, CA

Daily Job Functions to Achieve Goals:


Primary Daily Job Functions


  1. Oversee and maintain all daily Calibration Lab activities including issuing and restoring inspection gauging & tooling.
  2. Perform all designated calibration needed to ensure compliance with Superior Thread Rolling QA manual and appropriate Procedures & Work Instructions.
  3. Maintain all calibration records to adequately support all company and employee owned inspection tools in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  4. Maintain positive recall system.
  5. Assure that all STR calibrated equipment is properly maintained and protected.
  6. Records all direct and indirect labor performed using the ERP system and traveler to work on jobs and indirect codes for other QC related duties.


Secondary Daily Job Functions


  1. Performs inspections at specified stages in production process such as receiving, final and in-process, and inspects products for variety of qualities, such as dimensions, performance, and mechanical characteristics.
  2. Records inspection and test data and information on router, receiving or final inspection log as necessary and maintains final Certification package files such that traceability is maintained in accordance with approved procedures.
  3. Interprets engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas and confers with management staff when a discrepancy or question arises.
  4. Use the company ERP System, Microsoft Excel, Outlook & Messenger and “Discus” & “Net-Inspect” required in daily activities.
  5. Maintains various electronic logs and scan documents for traceability.

Monthly Job Functions to Achieve Goals:


  1. Performs internal auditing to support the intentions of the quality management system.


Perform As Necessary:


  1. Prepare purchase requisitions for the Quality Department.
  2. Arrange for calibrated equipment maintenance and calibration from outside sources.
  3. Troubleshoot calibration problems and solve discrepancies. Minor hand tool adjustments may be required.
  4. Assist in training of employees with respect to gage usage, setup, requisition, and calibration requirements.
  5. Perform internal audits of the calibration department to confirm the intents of the existing quality system.
  6. Assist in the Calibration and Measurement Testing portions of our Customer Quality Audits with the designated customer representatives.
  7. Assist with Thread Roll Inspection & Certifications as needed.
  8. Assist with Spares Inspection & certification.
  9. Assist with New Manufacturing Certifications.
  10. Create and populate AS9102 First Article Inspection documents/forms.
  11. Support a 48hr monthly average cycle time through all Inspection Work Centers.
  12. Perform Planning Review to ensure proper inspection equipment is available for use during manufacturing.
  13. Assist in identification, shipping and Met Lab as necessary.
  14. Assist and/or train co-workers in areas of Inspection.
  15. Will be required to document and perform production quantity changes as needed.
  16. Performs Purchase Order Review to inspect for correct specification revision levels and any other pertinent quality requirements. Vendor Certification and document review.
  17. Support and assist with customer source inspection activities.
  18. Set up and perform destructive and nondestructive tests and/or inspection on materials, parts, or products to measure conformity to requirement, performance, life, or material characteristics.
  19. May be required to perform metallographic sample preparation and inspection.
  20. May be required to operate company forklift.
  21. Perform any other duties as designated by the QA Manager.

Arleta, CA

Ready for a rewarding challenge? Superior Thread Rolling Co.  is always looking for talented people to join our team. At Superior Thread Rolling Co. there is an emphasis on learning and training, and your job will be more interesting than the standard machine shop environment. If this sounds like the ideal place of employment for you, please apply. We are always looking for good people to join our team.


Hourly Non-Exempt Arleta, CA




Operates numerical control machines or machining centers to perform various functions, such as cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, and broaching of metallic and nonmetallic work pieces, utilizing knowledge of machine tool capabilities, machinability of materials, and shop math.  Offsets tool stations to keep parts within acceptable limits according to supervisors instructions.




Arleta, CA



Sets up a variety of CNC machines utilizing knowledge of machines, tooling, materials and programs.  Troubleshoots and operates numerical control machines or machining centers to perform various functions, such as cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, and broaching of metallic and nonmetallic work pieces, utilizing knowledge of machine tool capabilities, machinability of materials, and shop math.  Able to do all setup, editing, offsetting and troubleshooting with no assistance from supervisor.




Arleta, CA

Superior Thread Rolling Co. has been an industry leader in the Aerospace and Precision Machining business for almost 60 years.  We lead through “out-of-the-box” solutions to the constant changes in quality administration, lean processes and state-of-the-art technical systems required by prime contractors and their supply chain.
“Aerospace Company seeking account manager for aerospace machined parts.  Will communicate daily with Boeing, Bell, Bombardier and many other OEM Aerospace Companies.”

Must have some aerospace industry experience for the supervisor position.

We strongly believe that the true reason behind our success is due to our loyal and dedicated team.

    Performs contract review on all New Purchase Orders consecutively with entry into the computer system
    Researches and corrects any discrepancies between quote and order, or contacts the appropriate people to establish needed actions.
    Evaluates all Purchase Order change notices against prior changes or original purchase orders in the system.
    Performs the data entry necessary to ensure the purchase order has been transferred to the computer system correctly
    Responsible for keeping the customer informed on status of their orders via Gnat Chart, Milestones, Scheduling Board Activity, Emails, etc…
    Responsible for following all customer jobs throughout entire manufacturing process to ensure appropriate turn times are met through each work center
    Upon jobs being completed, performs a Job Analysis on all appropriate ‘M’ jobs to evaluate the profitability/loss of the job.
o    Drives the implementation of actions to improve job profitability.
    Responsible for creating Packing Slips in the M1 system and shipping to their customers’ on-time.
    Other duties as assigned

    Excellent Communication skills
    Superb attention to detail
    Great Attitude